The Big Picture

Zombie Coffee and DonutsTM was established as a social enterprise to be a catalyst for positive change in our Athens Community.  Selling coffee and donuts is simply our means to this end.  So in our effort to be a good corporate citizen and strengthen the already vibrant city of Athens. We are working with the University of Georgia’s School of Social Work to identify three student or community causes each month.  These could be anything from helping an individual in need to providing resources to advance the mission of a local nonprofit.

We will ask you, our customer, to vote for your favorite “cause” among the three every time you visit Zombie.  The cause or nonprofit organization with the most votes at the end of each month will receive a contribution from Zombie.   To ensure that there are meaningful funds to donate each month, we will begin by giving 5% of our total monthly sales.

In addition, we will do all we can to promote our social mission among all our employees so that they, too, will find ways to individually help our local charities.

It is our hope that our efforts will raise the public awareness of these important causes, incentivizing other students and citizens to do more and influencing other businesses in Athens to follow our example.  We want to challenge everyone to do more and find their own ways that will help our community thrive.

Zombie Coffee and Donuts does not want to simply be the Best Coffee and Donut Company IN the world, we want to be the Best Coffee and Donut Company FOR the world.



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